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Chromium Extreme

Chromium Extreme is our newest solvent based coating, a sprayable intense bright chrome-like reflective coating that is applied using a normal gravity feed spray gun.

Quick application guide:

Once the Hd black gloss ground-coat is applied then left to cure at 60c 45 min your ready to apply the solvent reflective layer, this one is applied semi wet "no like the old school solvent chromes", this is then cured at 55c for 1 hour. You are then ready to apply the inter-coat just a light dust coat followed by a 30min cure, the Inter-coat product will create maximum adhesion and minimal loss of the reflective effect.

Then you will "need to lock it all in" with our industrial true anti-scratch diamond topcoat, this is no ordinary topcoat this is something a little special! Your know what we mean when you start to lay this clear coat down, it totally complements the reflective layer and brings out the shine and crisp reflection with it 4-2-1 mixing ratio a very tough coating indeed.


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