Colour Shifting flip →

Colour Shifting flip  →


Custom Creation’s unique custom flip paints have been formulated to create multicoloured effects from all angles. As the light source and viewing angle changes, the colour appears to change, creating a flip effect. These type of paints, also known as Chameleon paints, also work well in airbrushes and are also available in our creative cans spray can range. To achieve the most striking effect, apply over a black basecoat or primer, and finish with a clear coat of lacquer.  

We have a small range of flip paints:

  • Optical Illusions range: 3-4 way vibrant, colour shifting chameleon paints.
  • Our latest flip product range contains the Chromaflair pigment. These are the most extreme of all the colour shifting paints available on the market.(will be listed on the website very soon)

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