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Hydrochrome Extreme 500sq ft kit

Hydrochrome Extreme 500sq ft kit
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Hydrochrome Extreme 500sq ft kit


This product is intended for professional use only -



Pack 1:

•             4L Hydrochrome Extreme Basecoat B812 (Mixing ratio 20 : 3 : 6)

•             1 litre Catalyst C812

•             2L Thinner T812


Pack 2:

•             300g Wetting Agent (makes 12000)

•             200g Activator (makes 5200g)

•             50g Anti oxidant (makes 5100g)

•             T.D.S meter


Pack 3A: (9-10 months shelf life an all silver soloutions 1 month once mixed)  

Silver solutions (Makes 15L EX 1/2 and 7.5L EX3) Giving you 30L in total of working solutions.

•             1EX/1 x 3000g

•             EX/2 x 1200g

•             EX3 x 3000g


Pack 3B:

•             Red double chamber trigger sprayer

•             2 x HDPE 1L mixing bottles


Pack 4:

•             4L violet topcoat Base B311 (Mixing ratio 4 : 1 : 1)

•             1L Catalyst C311

•             2L Thinner T311

Hydrochrome Extreme - Cross Hatch Tape Test



B812 Basecoat      MSDS

C812 Cataylist       MSDS

T812 Thinner          MSDS

EX1                         MSDS

EX2                         MSDS

EX3                         MSDS

Activator                MSDS

B311 Basecoat      MSDS

C311 Cataylist       MSDS

T311 Thinner         MSDS

Wetting agent        MSDS