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We have a new Hydrochrome Extreme formuler about to be released to the open market, this is one we have been working on in the background for a good few years now. We have managed to produce a very solid stable reflective paint system all manufactured in the UK, we are very pleased to hear it passed the test we were going for from our accelerated weathering testing in accordance with ISO 16474.


Please hold back from ordering for a little while unitll we get the products added to the webshop, Thank you.


Testing was conducted in accordance with ISO 16474

Hydrochrome Extreme®

Hydrochrome Extreme® our hardwearing reflective coating. The system is sold solely in kit form with each kit containing the correct amount of basecoat, silvering solutions, and topcoat required for each size. The system can be used on automotive projects as well as general exterior use of on interior items needing a strong finish. The coating creates a beautiful, highly reflective finish, which can be left as bright white chrome or coloured using candy tints. Hydrochrome Extreme® will pass a crosshatch adhesion test (feel free to try for yourself on one of our sample cards) and can be made even more hardwearing by combining it with our new Crystal Clear™ Topcoat which will give the coating a 9H pencil hardness. A dual nozzle spray gun must be used to lay down the silvering solutions for this kit.


Materiel cost (based upon a large kit) for Base Primer, Reflective layer, Topcoat is £3.04 + VAT sqft  (1 sqft foot = 12inch x 12inch Area) For example 1 x 17inch Alloy wheel front face only is roughly 2.5 sqft this would work out at roughly about £7.60 in materials this is depending on style of wheel.

Suitable for:

  • Interior furniture with heavy use - kitchen units, bathroom furniture such as baths, sinks and even toilets, chairs and tables.
  • High use interior items – musical instruments, gaming devices.
  • Flooring and wall coverings.
  • Interior décor
  • Exterior use e.g. sculptures.
  • Automotive use, particularly bright work such as alloy wheels and grills.


Extra equipment required:

  • Spray gun and compressor set up this must be used to apply gloss chrome primer/basecoat and Topcoat.
  • Dual nozzle spray gun to apply the reflective layer.
  • Drip tray to catch the chemical solutions.
  • Mineral free water


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New Formuler - Hydrochrome Extreme® Concentrated Silver solution Set  - 700 sqft - 65sqmt (1 years shelf life)
Please read our Which Chrome is for me? section to make sure this product is suitable for ..
Ex Tax: £685.00
Please read our Which Chrome is for me? section to make sure this product is suitable for ..
Ex Tax: £1,498.00
New Red Trigger Sprayer Prototype Pack - Hydrochrome Extreme® Small Kit - 40sqft - 3.7sqmt
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Hydrochrome Extreme® Crystal Clear Topcoat Kit
This product is intended for professional use only as it contains isocyanates Please read the MSDS d..
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Hydrochrome Extreme®  Pure Activater Addative 200grams (mixes 10 litres)
Our pure Activator additive has a 1.5 year shelf life, at least you know you will always get perfect..
Ex Tax: £38.00
Hydrochrome Extreme®  Wetting Agent Pure Concentrate 250gram Bottle (mixes10 litres)
Our pure wetting agent is a highley concentrated solution that once mixed with mineral free water wi..
Ex Tax: £42.00
Hydrochrome® - Double Chamber Trigger Spray Bottle
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Ex Tax: £23.00
Standard Silvering Gun
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Hydrochrome Extreme® - Hozelock Trigger Spayer Bottles
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Hydrochrome Extreme® - Hydropure™Air Desiccant Capsule Filter
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Water purity tester T.D.S Metre
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  Coming soon. ..
Ex Tax: £999,999.00
 Hydrochrome® - Water Filter
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 Hydrochrome® Extreme Sprayed Test Panel
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