Hydrochrome Extreme® - Hydropure™Air Desiccant Capsule Filter

Hydrochrome Extreme® - Hydropure™Air Desiccant Capsule Filter
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Hydrochrome Extreme® - Hydropure™Air Desiccant Capsule Filter

Compressed air is typically saturated with 100% relative humidity, if you use this saturated air in your silvering process it will wreak havoc with the silver layer, using this along with water and air separators will enable you to get a clean crisp reflective mirror. 

One the desiccant has turned dark green you know it will be time to stop silvering and change the desiccant beads or alternatively you can place the beads in an oven 120 1-5 hours this will regenerate the beads to be used again, this ca be repeated 2-3 times. 

The Hydropure™  Desiccant Capsule removes 99.5% of the relative humidity from the compressed air, giving you the best possible results from your compressed air, helping you to get a nice clean crisp looking chrome, we have used this in our factory for many months and have been very pleased with the outcome, all of our silvering set ups gets sent with one of theses.