Custom Spray Cans →

Custom Spray Cans →


Our custom filled spray can use a higher concentration of pigments and binders so that you will always get better coverage with fewer coats.

When using our spray cans, you will get consistent pressure from start to finish as we have highly developed HVLP nozzles. This product enables you to get a smoother finish that will resemble the finish from a spray gun. 

Our custom spray can have been developed over past two years to get the correct formulation, giving you a high-quality finish without the hassle of using a spray gun. 

We also offer our 2K Custom spray cans. These have a built in curing agent. They are activated by pulling a plunger on the bottom of the spray can to release the curing agent into the spray can. Once activated, this will give you an extremely tough, durable automotive finish that will last for many years to come if the correct preparation has been done. 

We also sell spray can filling machines and pre-gassed aerosols ready for you to fill with your own paints. Aerosol can be manufacturing is a great new business opportunity or a perfect add-on to an existing business. For more information please contact


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