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Iron Horse Liquid Metal Paint 400ml Spray Can (ONLY AVAILABLE IN UK & EUROPE)

Iron Horse Liquid Metal Paint 400ml Spray Can (ONLY AVAILABLE IN UK & EUROPE)
Iron Horse Liquid Metal Paint 400ml Spray Can (ONLY AVAILABLE IN UK & EUROPE) Iron Horse Liquid Metal Paint 400ml Spray Can (ONLY AVAILABLE IN UK & EUROPE)
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Iron Horse Liquid Metal Paint 400ml Spray Can (ONLY AVAILABLE IN UK & EUROPE)

Iron Horse is our amazing new real iron paint developed to get the perfect real iron look so easily it is practically magic! The spray on liquid metal paint has been designed to make the real metal trend accessible to everyone, experts and rookies alike. Suitable for most surfaces and all skill levels, our iron paint gives a raw, mechanical feel to any project. This liquid metal paint uses genuine iron particles to give the most realistic, natural iron veneer on the market. And now you can transform dark iron to its distressed sepia twin with our Antiquing Solution. Like a liquid time machine, this clever solution speeds up the natural metal ageing process producing flaming rust shades anywhere it is applied. Who needs solid iron you have all the variety of Metal Veneers?

Spray can covers around 7 sqft.

Iron has been used since ancient times to produce everything from cooking pots to weapons. By mass it is the Earths most common element, playing a key role in both the Earth's crust and it's metallic core. Iron is actually thought to be the sixth most abundant element in the universe, creating Mars's distinctive red surface and being the base for around 1 in 20 meteorites. It is the main ingredient in steel, which uses carbon to make steel 1000 times stronger than pure iron. Steel and other iron compounds are by far the most prevalent metals used in industry, due to their large range of desirable industrial properties and the widespread abundance of naturally occurring iron ore. Pure iron used in industry is known as either wrought iron or cast iron depending on the method used to process it. Wrought iron is iron that has been heated and then worked into a shape whereas cast iron is heated to its melting point and then poured as a liquid into a pre-made mould.

Wrought iron is the simpler of the two processes as it does not require the technology to get the iron to very high temperatures to melt it. Samples of worked meteoric iron have been found in Syria from around 3500 BC. Iron from meteors was highly regarded as iron sent down from the heavens. There is even mention of the substance several times in the bible, with it first being mentioned in the Book of Genesis.

Cast iron was first used by the Chinese though became much more widely available in Europe in medieval times. In the 1700's a coke fired blast furnace was invented which made cast iron production much cheaper and lead to the beginnings of the industrial revolution. As iron became more plentiful and cheaper, it became a major component in industry and structural engineering with the first iron bridge being completed in 1778.



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