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We now have our latest collection of spray on metals. When applied, these liquid metal coatings will bring a touch of elegance and classiness to any surface, and these spray-on metal paints are true liquid metals. Liquid metal spray paints are cold-spray paints. This just means there is no heat involved in the process of spraying, so there will not be any size reduction, twisting, distortion or cosmetic impact at all on the final product. These liquid metal spray paints are also not heavy and weighty, and are exceptionally tough.

When these spray-on metal paints are applied properly, the object will look as though it is made of metal. It is almost impossible to see, or for that matter, to feel the difference between the genuine metals, and the spray-on metal paint. Spray-on metal paints do not split, flake, or deteriorate, and they have the distinctive quality of a solid metal object.

Liquid metal coatings can be applied to practically any surface; including, but not limited to:  metal, wood, laminates, melamine, gypsum, plastic, fiberglass, glass, ceramics, porcelain, concrete, and foam.

The liquid metal spray paints are currently available in a variety of metals. We have Copper, Tin, bronze, iron, brass, We will soon offer more, as we are continually developing and creating original liquid metal spray paints.

We also make a type of very flexible liquid metal coatings for plastics and softer substances. Grainy or shaped surfaces, intricate curvatures, and edges that are complex are no trouble for spraying, because the depth of the liquid metal paints can be diverse, and the weight and shape of the item are no longer a concern.

Furthermore, these liquid metal spray paints are not just for indoor use. They can be used outside, and allowed to age naturally, or we can seal it with a protective coating.

As you well know, all metals discolour and/or tarnish when exposed to the elements. For example, copper and bronze will turn green.

Even if contained in the right environment, in time, metals still lose their sparkle and shine. This is also true for our liquid metal coatings. Over time, they will lose their sheen, unless they are protected by our lacquer.

Many people like the look and appearance of aged metal, and we can hasten this aged look by using special chemicals to give a copper patina (a green or brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period of time) appearance to the surface. We then seal the finish with a clear coat.

On the other hand, if a brilliant, polished copper or bronze surface is what you need, we can apply the lacquer over the top of a polished surface to keep the glossy, polished effect. Also, our Renaissance wax will seal the surface, and allow an emergence of a soft, gentle lustre.

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