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Metal Veneers™

Metal Veneers is one of our newest and exciting creations, a real liquid cold spray paint, that once applied and polished will give the nearest look to a real metal.

This 2 pack paint system, with a 4 hour pot life once mixed, will blow you away with the finish it gives. With its 93% metal content, when sprayed onto MDF and plastic it adds weight and also feels very cold to the touch, making it very difficult to tell it apart from the real thing.

We are fully aware of other liquid metals on the market, but having tried a lot of them over the past 6 years or hearing feedback from people that have, we have come up with our own much-improved version.

What makes our products different from the others?

1 - We use the newest hybrid resins that give you a pot life of up to 4 hours! Others use the older polyester resin system with a 20-35 minute pot-life.

2 - Once the paint has been applied and dried, to start the polishing process we use a 600 - 800 - 1200 - 3000 disc followed by a regular cutting compound. Others, once the polyester has been sprayed on, due to a chemical reaction, you are left with a black sticky residue on the dried item. This needs to be removed using Acetone or lots of wire wool before going through the polishing procedure 240 - 320 - 400 - 600 - 800 etc etc, making it very time consuming and laborious to say the least.

3 - Got an onsite job to do then use our 1K liquid metal paint system. This is only available in 400ml spray cans at the moment, but upon request we can supply you 2.5Kg tins. All you need is to stir well then spray, so no nasty 2K fumes. Others, well we have yet to even find a 1K liquid metal paint system on the market.

Tin Man is unbelievable! Once sprayed on, rubbed back with 800 grit disc followed by 1100, then 1500, and given a good polish up with a regular cutting compound, it comes up a real treat. It looks a little like chrome, with its deep sharp reflective surface.

Iron Horse, once sprayed, can be polished up to give you that iron look or spray on our Antiquing solution to give you a warm shabby rust look. A fantastic effect can be achieved with a stencil to create rusted areas over the iron, particularly effective for lettering or logos.

Brass Monkeys is out of this world. Once this has been polished up it looks and feels like the real thing.

Alpha Bronze is one of our favourites. It's great for table tops and bar tops, especially when an ageing solution is applied and then polished up.

Coppers and Robbers: Got a free standing bath you would like Coppered? Well look no further than Coppers and Robbers metal paint.

Like all metals, these will tarnish over time. The copper will dull down or if you apply our antiquing solution, this will give you a beautiful Verdigris finish with its lush blues and greens.

Please watch out for our new YouTube channel dedicated to Metal Veneers. Here you will see one of our paint Gurus talking you through the whole process.


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