Alpha Bronze Liquid Metal Paint 25kg

Alpha Bronze Liquid Metal Paint 25kg
Alpha Bronze Liquid Metal Paint 25kg Alpha Bronze Liquid Metal Paint 25kg Alpha Bronze Liquid Metal Paint 25kg Alpha Bronze Liquid Metal Paint 25kg
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Alpha Bronze Liquid Metal Paint 25kg

This product is intended for professional use only as it contains isocyanates Please read the MSDS data sheet before purchasing we also recommend you read this before spraying 2k paints

Alpha Bronze is our marvellous new real bronze paint developed to get the perfect real bronze look in the blink of an eye. This spray on liquid metal paint has been designed to make the real metal trend accessible to everyone. Suitable for most surfaces and all skill levels this bronze paint can totally transform any project applying a traditional bronze appearance perfect for architecture and sculpture. This liquid metal paint uses real bronze particles to give the most realistic, natural bronze veneer on the market. Who needs solid bronze when you have all the variety of Metal Veneers? No one will be able to tell the difference!

Optimal Coverage: Around 2.5 sqmt

Bronze is an alloy made up of primarily copper and tin. Depending on any other additives, the resulting alloy can be harder than copper alone or have increased stiffness or ductility. Discovery of this alloy began in the time known as the bronze age, making it easier for prehistoric people to make hard tools, weapons and building materials. Originally these tools were made of a mixture of copper and arsenic, known as arsenic bronze, with the earliest examples coming from the Iranian plateau in around 5000 BC. Earliest examples of what we think of as bronze now, with tin being used instead of arsenic, come from around 3000BC and were much easier to cast and stronger.

Whilst most people will think of art when they think of bronze, it is still used in all manner of industries today including the manufacture of ship propellors, electrical contacts and in medals.