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1K Rustique™ Solvent based and waterbased low VOC paint system enables you to apply real rust onto any surface that can be painted, this is classed as a decorative coating rather than a long term protective coating. 

Vintage chic has become notably popular with both designers and DIYers the world over. Its battered, and homely looking, lived in, and well loved. Also a very fashionable vintage look is the rusted effect, which supplies texture, varying tones and an intense depth of colour.  While this style can look suspiciously unfinished to the uninitiated eye, the rust effect has many fans in the world of art and architecture

Rustique™ is a spray on rusty paint, a paint application that actually covers surfaces with rust, with all its nuances of color.  It has such a wide variety of applications, that you can bring vintage style and chic to almost any surface at all. Creating a natural rusted patina is now incredibly easy for anyone.  

Who Uses Rustique?

Not just in the design world, but also the automotive world and many other areas will you find a multitude of exciting uses.  You can pimp up your wheels, add ‘wow factor’ to your home, or create some olde worlde charm in your garden.


For architects, applications include the interior and exterior of buildings, such as feature walls or courtyards.  Rustique™ will give an industrial, rugged finish to surfaces.  Buildings take on a leathery hue with fiery orange patches against the backdrop of a bold blue summer sky.  

Sculptors and Artists

Sculptors and artists too, will find a myriad of uses for Rustique™ .

Rustique™ will bring an industrial, raw-looking finish to art.  In terms of colour, it will provide an explosion of golden orange, sunset hues, and the russet red of autumnal leaves.

Surfaces become modern, warm and tactile.  Rustique™ rust effect is a chemical reaction, and individual results may vary due to film thickness, application methods, ambient temperature and substrate. You can create a bespoke piece that is stylish and truly inimitable!

Landscape Architects

You can create a rusty vintage tin shed roof, beautiful old doors for garden features, outdoor mirrors, bird cages, bird feeders, garden furniture and water features.  Or transform a new moulded cement statue to a rusted, antique-looking finish with Rustique™ spray on rust paint.

Retail Designers

Designers are using Rustique™ to give impact to point of sale displays for clothes and makeup, and other retails products.

Automotive World

You can give your pride and joy a customised, individual look that is truly your own. Rustique™ rusty paint contains iron powder which is suspended in a specialised carrier. Therefore only the outer surface of iron powder that is exposed will rust, so you can create a rusty effect on the top surface without damaging your car’s bodywork.

Rustique™ is a spray on rust paint that you can apply using automotive spray guns or a brush and roller.  Once the paint has fully cured and abraded using 120 sanding disc, a solution is applied to speed up the rusting process. This is left to dry and reapplied to get the desired level of rusting.

What Surfaces Can I Use It On?

Because Rustique™ is used over the top of a primer, it can be applied to any surface that can be primed or sealed. For example, you can use Rustique™ rust effect paint on MDF, plastic, metal, fiberglass, concrete or even raw wood!


Rustique™ can be applied with a paintbrush, but for the best effect it should be sprayed on.



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Rustique - Spray on Rust Automotive 400ml Spray Can (CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED TO UK AND EUROPE)
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Rustique™ - Automotive Spray on Rust 400ml 1 k Rust & Verdegris Sealer
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