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Thermal is Custom Creation’s heat sensitive, colour changing paint. For those of you who are old enough to remember, it’s just like those hyper colour T-shirts from the 80s, which changed colour with your body heat.

This amazing custom paint is heat reactive, changing colour depending on the surrounding temperature. As the temperature rises, the heat sensitive paint turns transparent, revealing the custom base colour, graphics or airbrush work hidden underneath. When the temperature falls again, the original colour of the heat reactive paint returns.

Our heat sensitive custom paint is available in a range of different products. Our original Thermal is perfect for your car or motorbike. This product is easy to use with a simple 3 stage process. Start with a base coat colour of your choice (we recommend white for the most dramatic colour changing effect), followed by the Thermal thermochromic paint, and finish with a top coat of lacquer. If being used outside, we recommend using our Sunscreen 2000 clear coat additive, which contains a UV additive to prolong the thermochromic effect even with this on the paint could effect could only last up to 12 months, internal use it will last over 3 years.

Thermal original also makes the perfect airbrush paint due to the quality of the pigment used. First create your airbrush design or logo, then apply the thermochromic paint over the top to reveal the design when heat is applied, or alternatively spray the heat sensitive paint as an airbrush paint and watch you design/writing disappear or reappear as the temperature changes.

If you’re looking for a custom paint finish to your home, why not try our heat sensitive, brush on Thermal Touch paint. Thermochromic wall emulsion is for those of you who want something a little bit different. This awesome product subtly changes colour on your walls as the temperature of the room changes (apply to a wall with a radiator or somewhere the sun shines on for most noticeable results). Kids will love leaving their hand prints on the wall, when they realise that this heat reactive paint responds to the touch of your hand this will be available from our website very soon.

Thermochromic custom paints have been used in American undercover police cars. Heating elements are placed in the door panels so that at a flick of a switch, the heat sensitive paint disappears to reveal the police logo hidden underneath.

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Heat Reactive Thermochromic Paint 1 litre
Heat sensitive solvent based automotive paint, this is a base coat topcoat, other colours are a..
Ex Tax: £80.00
Heat Reactive Thermochromic Paint 500ml
Heat sensitive solvent based automotive paint, this is a base coat topcoat, other colours are a..
Ex Tax: £45.00
Industriel  Heat Reactive Thermochromic Paint 1 litre Black/Pink
Believe it or not? its one paint that will turn from Black to Pink once heat (22c) has been in conta..
Ex Tax: £125.00
Textile Heat Reactive Thermochromic Paint 1 litre Black/Pink
Our heat sensitive solvent based material paint has been formulated so it permanently bond..
Ex Tax: £95.00
UV Protection 50ml Bottle
The uv sunscreen protection additive, add 4% to your clear coat total mix this will prolong the life..
Ex Tax: £20.00