Technical Data Sheets



32sqft Hydrochrome® Mini Kit

32sqft Hydrochrome® Mini Kit with Candy Dyes

Silver Solutions Hydrochrome® 100ml Top up Solutions (32sqft)

Activator Solution Hydrochrome® 1 Litre

Hydrochrome® Basecoat / Topcoat Kits

Hydrochrome Extreme (new formuler)

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Metal Veneers

1k Spray cans

Liquid Metal Paint 2k

Primed and Ready Tough as Nails 2K Primer 400ml Spray Can

Primed and Ready 1K Primer 400ml Spray Can

Signed, Sealed and Delivered 1K Dead Matt Sealer 400ml Spray Can

Metal Veneers Antiquing Solution



Water Based Stabiliser


Water-based Interior/Exterior Emulsion 

Solvent-based Exterior


Tactile Soft Touch Paint

Clear Tactile 2K Soft Touch Spray Can 400ml


Verdigris Kit 3-4sqmt

Verdigris Spray Can Kit


All Snake products


Heat Sensitive Wall Emulsion 1 Litre (Black/Pink)

Heat Sensitive Wall Emulsion 1 Litre (Orange/Yellow)t

Industriel solvent based  Thermochromic Paint

Chromium FX

Chromium FX 500ml Tin Spray On Chrome Effect Coating


Prismatic 1 Litre Automotive Grade – 4.5-5sqmt

Prismatic 1 Litre Flexible Materials & Imitation Leathers & PVC’s – 4.5-5sqmt

Prismatic Spray Can 400ml Automotive Grade – 0.7sqmt

Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions – Colour Shifting Paint 500ml Tin

Neon Fluorescence

Fluorescence Paint 1 Litre (Pink & Yellow)

2K Spray Cans

Wet Look Clear 2K Spray Can