We’ve been really excited to see so much aged metal in garden design recently. Those who caught any of the RHS Chelsea flower show 2015 will have seen just how effectively the varying tones of rust and verdigris can be used within all manner of gardens to add depth, interest and an organically aged feeling. While the brighter fiery oranges of rust or the lush turquoises of Verdigris can create a focal point that stands out against planting, they can also be used in harmony with the garden to add a subtle extra depth of colour.

Dark Matter Garden for the National Schools' Observatory, Best Fresh Garden, Gold medal winner designed by Howard Miller Ltd. The rusted ‘window’

Dark Matter Garden for the National Schools’ Observatory, Best Fresh Garden, Gold medal winner designed by Howard Miller Ltd. The rusted ‘window’

Aged or weathered metal can make a garden look like it has always been there, timeless and sophisticated, while still providing a rustic lived-in edge. The addition of some aged metal to a garden, whether it be a large eye-catching focal point, or small hints in garden accessories can really provide that finishing touch needed to make a space feel complete.

Looking more closely at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 for inspiration, there were several gardens that really got our imaginations flowing as to some brilliant ways for using metal within an outdoor space.

aged copper rust paint

Dark Matter Garden for the National Schools’ Observatory designed by Howard Miller Design Ltd. Darker more subtle rust fades away into the planting.

The Dark Matter Garden for the National Schools’ Observatory was designed by Howard Miller Design LTD and won both a Gold medal and the award for Best Fresh Garden. This garden showcased bright bold rusted metal with all its variances of colour, using metal to really create a talking piece. While it’s a little conceptual for most (not everyone fancies long lengths of rusted iron running throughout their garden), the Dark Matter Garden shows that even statement metal can really compliment the different tones of foliage and brings a sense of fun to an otherwise very green colour palette. The giant metal lens case at the end of the garden creates a window into the tropical green world beyond. Orange rust really focused out attention to the beautiful flowers within, setting off the lush greens of bamboos and grasses and showing that a harsh industrial piece can work beautifully with soft, organic planting.

aged copper rust paint

Morgan Stanley Health Cities Garden by Chris Beardshaw. Gold award winner.

Being a larger garden, the Morgan Stanley Health Cities Garden (another Gold award winner) by Chris Beardshaw had the opportunity to use statement rusted objects while still letting the plants do the talking. The rusted metal tree and figures contrasted beautifully with the vibrant purples, pinks, greens and blues. The planting really shone in this garden, aged metal created the perfect backdrop for both the foliage and flowers. Beardshaw managed to create a garden that was sophisticated and thought provoking while still being playful –incorporating bright colours everywhere.

aged copper rust paint

Time in Between Garden by Husqvana and Gardena

But it wasn’t just rust that designers turned to for extra texture and interest – Verdigris, or aged copper, was also used in several of the show’s fabulous gardens. Verdigris patina develops in much the same way as rust, the copper oxidises or weathers if left in damp air, creating blue and green tones. The Time in Between by Husqvarna and Gardena contained a large copper ring sculpture that had ben aged delicately to create a lovely verdigris patina against the greens of the planting. The ring shows that with verdigris you can have the best of both worlds, luxurious copper in sheltered areas and cool blues on pieces more open to the elements.

aged copper rust paint

Edo no Niwa – Edo Garden by Ishihara kazayuki Design Laboratory.

The Ishihara Kazayuki Design Laboratory also chose to use this lesser known type of aged metal. Their garden, Edo no Niwa – Edo Garden incorporated both an aged copper roof and a subtle Verdigris Window frame. While the Verdigris in this garden was a brilliant bright turquoise, the weathered metal still complimented and supported the other features of the garden.

The great thing about aged metal is it looks sophisticated, chic and expensive. It used to be exactly that – expensive to procure and install but not anymore! At Custom Creation Paints we love aged metal, always have and always will, and we wanted to share just how brilliant the effect is with as many people as possible.

In the past the weather metal, be it rust or verdigris, has just been considered too expensive to be accessible to most people and we thought that should change.  We put our thinking caps on and developed a brand new system to give everyone the chance to get weather metal in their homes and gardens.  Real aged metal! Not ‘rust effect’ paint, not ‘verdigris coloured’ paint but real spray on oxidized metal!

Rustique and Verdigris are our answer to this years trend, a way for anyone to achieve a real, organic patina on virtually any surface they choose. Plastic, wood, fiberglass, mdf, glass, concrete, even fabric objects can now develop a aged metal look for not only a fraction of the price but also in a fraction of the time. Our products don’t need to be left out in the elements for months on end before they develop their patina, the look can be created in a matter of hours with just simple 2 steps. These spray on paints, don’t require any specialist knowledge so could be used to transform a home or garden object in no time at all. Our spray on aged metal products a perfect for both casual crafters who want to upcycle a one off object or business owners creating either a range of garden ornaments or bespoke pieces for clients.