The Cosmotron – Leicesters Newest Supercar

You may have seen the Dualatron two years ago, but now the mechanical magician that is Paul Bacon has created the Cosmotron, a unique bubble supercar built completely from scratch. It’s a one off, very cool, snazzy supercar that has been gracing the roads of Leicester.

The whole car was Paul Bacon’s idea, built in his very own back garden – thanks to his neighbours letting him drive through their garden to get to the shed. He even got some friends involved for the bits he couldn’t do like the wiring, painting, upholstery and fabrication. Paul had planned out the Cosmotron perfectly, from the shape to the smallest and most intricate of details. All that was left to do was for the Cosmotron to be taken from Pauls head and made into reality.

Chromium car

Yes, the Cosmotron looks amazing but it’s also road legal, taxed and MOT’d with a 2.8 litre engine allowing the supercar to reach 135mph top speed. The Cosmotron may look unusual and there is good reason for that. It has been made up of parts of products that are used in fighter jets along with formed plaster and ffiberglass

“But Wait”, we here you ask. The Cosmotron interior fittings looks like it’s made of highly polished aluminium, how is this possible when it only made from plastic?

Solvent based chrome effect paint

That’s where Custom Creation Paints come in, Paul used our chromium paint to create the look of a much more expensive and sexy looking supercar. First Paul used our 2k black gloss over the primed surface of the dashboard, clocks, steering wheel, center console, engine block and other front end fittings/; our chromium was then applied, followed by the stabiliser solution which is then top-coated with an automotive clear coat. This is how Paul created chromium finish to the Cosmotron.

solvent based chrome


On speaking to Paul Bacon about his Cosmotron creation and the use of our products he said that he prefers using our products to real chrome or polished aluminium as our products offer easy application and requires minimum of maintenance. There is also no rusting over time, no fading either and no polishing is required as it does no tarnish.

The great thing about our chromium paint is that it can be applied to wide range of products and materials such as MDF, plastics, and glass to create the mirror effect that can be seen on the Cosmotron.

Who knows what will come out of Paul Bacon’s shed next?