Traditionally Rustique Rust Paint is very popular for creating the antique chic look that both designers and DIYers adore. It is a rusty paint application that can add the ‘wow factor’ to items in your home or make garden ornaments look antique and expensive. However in this article we are going to be telling you about a completely different project that is in a league of its own, a warrior among fighters.


Thor, we shall call him (for the purpose of this story), needed a mask and sword. Metal was heavy, expensive and hard to work with but MDF was perfect due to it being incredibly easy to work with and relatively light weight. But if you are going to look like the ‘real’ Thor you need the metal look to your sword and mask.  This is where the team here at Custom Creation Paints came in; we were able to help Thor create the rusty life-like sword and mask he was looking for.


The project began by Thor creating the sword and mask from MDF, normally when you apply paint to MDF you will need to apply MDF primer and three coats of it before you are able to apply the finish coat, with our Rustique Rust Paint no primer is required, at all.


Generally when Rustique Rust Paint is used it is sprayed on but for this project Thor brushed it on in thin layers, leaving 15 minutes in between each coat of paint. The rust starts to appear after around 15-20 minutes and then it takes full affect after 12 hours. Once the rust basecoat is dry rust activator needs to be applied and then rubbed in with a scotch pad which allows the rust to appear.


If you’re looking for a complete warrior outfit it can even be used on fabrics so you could create the full outfit in preparation for your next fight. For a longer lasting look you may want to consider purchasing our Topcoat which seals in the rust look.


Unlike other rust products on the market, our Rustique Rust Paint makes real rust, not ‘rust effect’ – this means that it can be sealed with a dead matt  which stops the powdering effect you get from real rust and it won’t come off onto other surfaces or stain worktops when wet.


If you’re using Rustique Rust Paint for your hobby or projects don’t forget to take before, during and after photos, we’d love to see your creations.