Mirror In A can Yes you heard right! at long last a true Mirror in a can well Ok 2 spray cans really! with this hand held set up your be able to mirror any item once you have applied the correct gloss base coat.With this handheld applicator you will need silvering solutions along with pure mineral free water! the mineral free water is a must! if you going to supply it yourselves don’t be tempted to nip into Halfords or another type of Auto Store that sells mineral free water as the chances are it will not be pure enough as we found out in the early days, the water needs to be down to 0.00.- 0.04 parts per million, If you’re trying to sauce your own water its best you try at a local live fish supply shop mainly the type that sell marine fish as they like their water pure! just ask them to test it with a TDS meter 1st they will know what you mean! we sell water filters from our shop if you end up taking this up as a bit more than a hobby.

The main point to remember when using the applicator is to smile! but to be truthful you can’t but help but smile! as its amazing feeling to watch the spray on mirror appear before your eyes!

We will be showing more demos very soon on Youtube and also be putting a small starter pack together at a very keen price.