Spray on gold chrome – Spray on gold effect 

Spray on gold paintAt long last a true gold effect paint finish that can be applied onto anything that can be painted, there are 2 ways to get a gold effect the first is using our Chromium solvent  paint this will give you a 90% reflection, this is applied over a jet black gloss, then once fully cured/dry you then apply the solvent chrome using a normal spray gun, once dry you apply the water based stabilizer solution followed by the clear coat that has the gold dye added.

Here is a picture of a large sculpture we did at our sister company Paint Spray Designs

gold effect paint

If you are after 100% mirror reflection then try using our Hydrochrome, once the items has been silvered and left to dry, clear coat the item with our gold tint added. We find adding about 1 gram of the gold tint per 100ml of clear coat will give you a 9 carat gold effect, adding 3 g per 100ml will give you a lush 24 carrat gold effect as you can see from the pictures below.

spray on gold paint  spray on gold chrome