At long last an easy to apply reflective coating!

OK! Ok yes, this hit the shop very quickly so yes we have been a little behind giving you more info on this bad boy of a reflective coating! Fantastic product I must say! So forgiving on the mistakes compared with silver nitrate systems no dancing with the devil in using double nozzle spray gun setups, A Butane Torch Paintbrush I tell Y a Paint Brush is all it be needing !!!!! What the frigging hell is going on here I hear you shout) As I say its early days with this product, it’s waterbased easy to use so we thought we would give it to you as we have got it rather than wait another six months. A TDS datasheet will be realised soon.

All thoses that have received their items, please do not forget your gloves and eye protection!

More info I a bit –

Right, where was I?

Oh yes, the paintbrush thing this is because what is sprayed on its likes to bead up like a right one! Even with a 1st thin dust coat, some people have got on well; I am happy with dipping it in tipping it on painting it on with a fine hair brush really flood it on it will move self-level.

Don’t really want to enter wetting agent territory 🙁

Internal use at this stage until we get the results back on the UV weather testing.

Will update in a bit